2017 LECOM Health Challenge Charities

The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Student Scholarship Fund

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The calling of medicine is among the noblest of all professions; and those who work in service of the betterment of the human condition and in the battle against disease and illness are among the noblest of all men and women. Their mission to achieve the level of skill and training necessary to perform as competent and caring physicians, dentists, and pharmacists requires untold hours of study, effort, commitment and perseverance.

The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) has grown to become the largest medical school in the country with nearly 4000 students at our three locations in Erie and Greensburg, Pennsylvania, and Bradenton, Florida.

It is evident that the finest medical, dental, and pharmacy educations, such as those provided by LECOM, result in financial burdens to the students. While LECOM maintains one of the most affordable private medical school tuitions, students face mounting debt as they complete their education. Typically, LECOM students graduate with debt around $150,000. Understanding this situation, LECOM has sought to assist its students through donations to the Student Scholarship Fund. Proceeds from the LECOM Health Challenge Tour will help these students complete their education.

As these students meet the challenges facing the health care field in the 21st century, they seek courage to face and to conquer the challenges along their paths. They find determination to go where others will not go; they muster energy to lead others; they stand steadfast in performing their duties well; and they cherish a heart and spirit to care for all who entrust their lives to them. To achieve these noblest of ends, they seek support from those who believe that the future of medicine rests in the training and the skills of today’s student.

We thank you for your consideration to help make the LECOM Health Challenge a success. By touching the lives of these future doctors, dentists, and pharmacists you will be touching the lives of the patients that they will someday serve.

Erie Homes for Children and Adults

In September 1912, thirteen women gathered in an emergency meeting to find a home for a baby abandoned at Erie’s Union Station train depot. Quick to take action, the women leaders formed an organization to “provide a temporary home or hospital for needy infants.” As a result of their desire to help one vulnerable, helpless individual, those women founded what would ultimately become Erie Homes for Children and Adults (EHCA).

For over 100 years, EHCA has been serving and caring for those who,  like that abandoned baby, cannot  help themselves.

Today, EHCA serves more than 400 individuals with varying degrees of intellectual, developmental and medical disabilities, with a focus on the possibilities and not the disabilities.

Those who call EHCA home are often overlooked by society. To agency staff and volunteers, though, they are as significant, precious and inspiring as that first newborn rescued in 1912.

Because there are so many individuals on the Pennsylvania Waiting List and  because of the needs of our current residents, EHCA is launching the Compassion, Hope and Possibilities Capital Campaign. The campaign will fund the building of three to four new community homes for those with the most complex medical conditions. The success of the campaign will mean that more of our most vulnerable children and adults will have a safe and loving place to call home.

Mikey’s Way Foundation


It is the goal of the Mikey’s Way Foundation to be able to connect every hospitalized child with their friends, family and school, enabling them to cope with the separation during long-term treatment for cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

We ensure this connection through the use of the Internet, (Skype/Facetime) and our ability to supply every child with a laptop computer, tablet, or similar electronic device. In creating this connection we are in turn presenting the child with a strong, and positive form of diversion. This diversion helps create the Mind-Body Connection and a way for each child to escape… Mikey’s Way.

Mikey’s Way Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity.

Jamestown Community College Foundation

Every student at Jamestown Community College, in Jamestown, New York, has a personal story. For many of them, your support is a key part of that story — because without it, a college education is simply not attainable. Our promise to our students is to connect them to their goals by providing challenging educational experiences in a caring environment. When you make a gift in support of the JCC Foundation, you’re helping us fulfill our promise so that our students can fulfill theirs.

Colleges and universities across the state are facing dwindling levels of state support, and JCC is no different. The JCC Foundation is more critical than ever before to the success of our students. Last year, we distributed $834,421 in scholarships, grants, and other support, all of which helped our students achieve their goals.

An important part of how the JCC Foundation supports students is the USA Scholarship, now in its 35th year of encouraging the best and brightest to choose JCC as the starting point for their college educations. Since the USA Scholarship’s inception in 1979, JCC has distributed $6 million to more than 3,000 students, all of whom graduated in the top 20 percent of their high school class.

We are proud to provide extraordinary opportunities and extraordinary outcomes for students. The generous support of the JCC family, our alumni, friends, and community partners, sustain and enable these continuing opportunities. No gift is too small and every dollar is important. With your ongoing support, future generations of students will be able to achieve their life’s goals.


The First Tee of Western New York

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To encourage and inspire positive values and healthy choices in the next generation of Western New Yorkers through the experience of golf.

2016 LECOM Health Challenge Charities

We are pleased to announce that $112,400 was donated by the 2016 LECOM Health Challenge to Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Student Scholarship Fund, Mikey’s Way Foundation, Jamestown Community College Foundation’s Scholarship Fund, The First Tee of Western New York, Panama Central School Swim Team, Findley Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Clymer Fire Department, Sherman Fire-Rescue and Clymer Baseball Club.